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  • Hello!! you can call me Neolitz (@Neolitz1 On Twitter) im a big fanatic of Date A Live franchise (The anime and Light Novel version) and I will say my opinion about this Production Company what it's animating Date a Live right now,and on my opinion they made a great job,I love the Tenka vs Mukuro Battle,ect, for me it's my best and favourite season right now,the problem about this season ( Date a Live IV ) There are very people who doesn't love the 3D scenes on the Battles or "Bad CGI" and that people think the people who is animating are "rushing the lore" because for they "GEEKTOYS doesn't making a good adaptation of the Light Novel,ect" but that's what I saw on Twitter and other sites, On my opinon they make a great job and I love all the scenes,voices,ect for me is 9.7/10.
    Also...i guess on the season 5 they need improve about the fighting scenes because the next scenes of DaL,about the spirits vs DEM vs Mio Takamiya and the next what it gonna continuing is very important of DaL Fandom who read the light novel and the people what only watch the anime!! so pls i hope GEEKTOYS on the next season they gonna make the BEST SEASON and the BEST ANIMATION of
    Date a Live. That's all !! - Your friendly and neghbourhood, Neolitz ! ;D